Module 2 - The Synergy In Property Management -- FREE PREVIEW --

Module 2

The Synergy In Property Management

Synergy is the the complex alignment of all the moving parts in a business to produce a greater outcome than each component would on their own. In property management, many businesses were built from the ground up with process and system frameworks being added as the need arrived. This creates a fragmented environment where many of these frameworks are now pulling against each other to create an unnecessary friction in the business rather than working for you to create efficiency. This friction is costing you thousands of dollars a month in team churn, client churn and loss of productivity.

In this module we will cover;

  • What is synergy and how does it make you money
  • Why have synergy in the business
  • The property management synergy chart
  • Working example
  • Create an action plan

View the below Youtube video to learn more about how to apply Synergy in your business

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